Pastor Gardea Visit Update

Pastor Gardea from Casa Hogar will be visiting Denver on October 6th and 7th.  We have a planning meeting with him at noon on Saturday the 6th at the Denny’s and Kipling and I-70.  We will be discussing Christmas plans and some other things.

On Sunday the 7th Pastor Gardea will be in both services to bring a short greeting or prayer.  After second service we will be having lunch with him and will be discussing Cuidar Corazon and it’s mission to serve the disabled children of Chihuahua.   That afternoon Pastor Gardea will be at the Fall Festival handing out Mexican candy and we may even have a piñata for the kids!

Pinata game at Casa Hogar


You Want Me to Do…What?

– I want you to go to the Philippines.

– I want you to step into Philippines high school and college classrooms and give a clear Gospel presentation.

–  I want you to be part of E-camp, a unique opportunity made possible through Student Movement for Christ International.

 E-camp is a gathering of international volunteers who come to the Philippines to share the Gospel – that Jesus died to atone for man’s sin, He was buried, He rose again, and by faith and trust in Christ alone, man can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Cathy Sharing the Gospel in a Philippines Classroom

If this sounds scary, it is. It requires courage and obedience…even when done in a welcoming environment.  Mike Redick, SMCI’s President, constantly encourages E-campers by saying,

“God always meets you at the step of faith.”

I’m glad I took that “step of faith” in 2016, in 2017, and in 2018. It’s been a wonderful blessing.

This past July I shared the Gospel with 2,589 students in 56 classrooms.

E-camp’s uniqueness is that

  • The school administration wants us to talk to their students
  • The students are learning English and desire to hear native English speakers
  • The students are polite
  • The students listen intently
  • The students are open to the Gospel

I’ve not only met terrific people, more importantly, as I’ve obeyed God my faith has increased. It happened as I took small steps of faith.

Will you to take “a step of faith” and join the July 2019 E-camp in the Philippines?

Mike Redick with SMCI Staff and Volunteers from Wisconsin, Singapore, and the USA

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Photo Session After the Gospel Presentation


Photo taken after a College Classroom Presentation

Honduras 2017

IMG_0982We left DIA at 5:00 with 12 wonderful young people and adults along with our IHB team of 7 to build a school in San Antonio de Copan. The photos are of the team as they worked. We completed the school in 3 days so we began a home for a single mom with two children.   The photo of the ACC family laying hands on Carmela on her 87th birthday was a day we will never forget. Carmela and her husband live in a shack of wood, tin and plastic sheeting. They have lived here most of their lives. We brought them food and supplies for several months but left blessed beyond words with the sweet sweet spirt of this beautiful woman of God. She was so thrilled that we came to sing her Happy Birthday that she asked us to sing twice. She said ” I do not know why God still has me here but I will worship him until he takes me home” She showed us that knowing Jesus is everything.