Casa Hogar Covid-19 Update

Supporting the most vulnerable, Youth and Children’s Hostels:

Article from El Heraldo de Chihuahua

In Casa Hogar Word de Vida A.C. and El Por porvenir del El Porvenir del Student live people with social problems, orphanage or intellectual disability who currently receive psychological therapy and have a GP

Claudia Diaz

Children and young people channeled by the Integral Development of the Family of the State of Chihuahua (DIF) continue to be sheltered in the various hostels of the city, such as: Casa Hogar Palabra de Vida A.C. and El Porvenir del Student, where they continue their normal activities, but taking appropriate precautions and receiving psychological therapy to resist in the best possible way, these weeks of quarantine by Covid-19.

José Luis Gardea, director of both associations, explains that in addition to frequent hand washing, use of antibacterial gel and head coverings, “we have a GP”, who constantly reviews minors, mainly check their temperature or other symptoms related to the virus.

He adds that, likewise, talks have been held to advise on any doubts, and in case of emergency, “we have isolation area and we will follow the protocol that the Ministry of Health tells us”.

The leader also reiterates the commitment to support the most vulnerable population, so among the eleven people currently providing their services in Palabra de Vida and In El Porvenir del Estudiante, they are organized in the various administrative, educational, psychological, canteen and routine areas that promote healthy coexistence among residents.

It should be noted that, in this return to school, some students will start virtually, while “looking for a way to provide us with the necessary equipment so that everyone can continue their educational training”, said Gardea.

Quarantine activities

  • The routine starts with breakfast
  • Then class therapy follows
  • Between meals, a sneak-up
  • Perform the respective tasks in bedrooms, dining room or TV area
  • Time to eat
  • Time to watch movies
  • Again classes on securities
  • Mid-afternoon collation
  • Briefings
  • Finally dinner

Partnerships available

  • Eleven people currently work, serving more than seventy children and young people with limited economic resources, with social problems, orphanage or disability.
  • Children are 24 hours a day in the hostels, seven days a week.
  • They continue to receive the children’s sector that THE DIF channels.
  • Palabra de Vida caters to children from six years onwards.
  • In El Porvenir del Estudiante, most young people have intellectual disabilities and are for men only.



Casa Hogar and the Coronavirus

I hear about the struggle parents are facing trying to keep their kids home from school durring the COVID-19 pandemic and I sympathise with them, but can you imagine having 60 children stuck inside durring this time!  Pastor Gardea has let us know that the children at Casa Hogar and El Porvenir have been quarantined to protect them during the pandemic.  He says, “They are like lions in a cage!”  His family has taken on the challenge to keep the kids comfortable by providing morning and afternoon shifts to go into the orphanages and do activities with them, provide extra snacks, etc.  The children are not even permitted to go outside!  Your prayers are appreciated for the children and caregivers as these events stretch their capabilities.

Below, Mizraim has some fun with one group of the children, making hand puppets out of medical gloves!

Covid 1

Update on Pastor Gardea.  His surgery has been postponed due to the coronavirus.  We will provide additional information as it becomes available.


Pastor Gardea y Deiby Visit ACC

Pastor Gardea and his wife Deiby were at Arvada Covenant on March 1st to bring a greeting to the congregation that has supported their efforts in Chihuahua for over 13 years.  Pastor Gardea joked that he believed God had someone at ACC that was being called to trade places with him in Chihuahua so he could enjoy Colorado for a while!  No one stepped up, so it’s back to Chihuahua for Jose.  🙂  They celebrated 20 years with Casa Hogar Palabra de Vida in 2019 and continue to grow, serving the children of Chihuahua.  They currently have 68 children at their 3 orphanages.

Jose is fighting prostate cancer and is expected to have surgery soon.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Jose y Dieby

Casa Hogar’s Cuidar Corazon Welcomes a Psychologist to the staff

As the needs of these mentally and physically challenged children are clarified Cuidar Corazon is striving to meet those needs. As such they have recently hired a Psychologist to assist Griselda in ministering to the children. We welcome Diana Palafox to the Cuidar Corazon team! The progress that we have seen in these children is nothing short of miraculous! Griselda, who attended the University and graduated with a degree in special education with a scholarship from Arvada Covenant, truly has a gift for working with these kiddos, meeting their physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Here is a recent photo of the Cuidar Corazon group.  Griselda is second from the right and Diana is kneeling in the front.

Cuidar Group