Casa Hogar

A Mission to Care for Children and the Disabled

We are excited about what is happening In Chihuahua as part of Arvada Covenant’s Mission there.  It is wonderful to see God’s hand on the orphanage and we believe ACC’s mission will bring many blessings to the children of Chihuahua as well as to the ACC family.  The support of ACC is instrumental in providing a loving, Christ centered, home environment for these children.  Jeremiah 29:11 reflects our vision for this mission.  “For I know the plans that I have for you, says the LORD, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Casa Hogar Palabra de Vida

Our CASA HOGAR mission is made up of three orphanage organizations under the direction of Pastor Jose Luis Gardea.  The original is Casa Hogar Palabra de Vida.  “Palabra de 19657374_782636211903547_7102209189450060727_n (3)Vida” means “Word of Life”.  A primary goal of Casa Hogar is to bring that Word to the lost and abandoned children of Chihuahua.  Bible lessons at Casa Hogar are provided in conjunction with Pastor Gardea’s church, “El Sendero de la Cruz”or “The Way of the Cross” where the children participate in bible study and worship.  Pastor Gardea, is the Director of the orphanage and runs it along with his church.  However, they are a very poor people and have very limited resources to support the mission.   The orphanage currently cares for 50 to 60 children.  The children range in age from about 5 yrs to 17 yrs. and have typically come from the Chihuahua area. Most of these children have been abandoned or given up by their families and some have been abused.  A few of the children are Tarahumara Indians from the mountains near Chihuahua.

20160803_195321El Porvenir del Estudiante

The support of ACC helped to build a new orphanage facility for Casa Hogar that will allow them to care for upwards of 60 children.  While the ACC family took a step of faith with Pastor Gardea to help purchase the land and initiate construction it has been a blessing to see God work in the Chihuahua community to raise substantial financial support to continue the work.  The old orphanage facility has been re-purposed as El Porvenir del Estudiante.  “El Porvenir” means “The Future” and “Estudiante” means “Student”.  The ACC family is currently providing scholarships for several young men and women to attend the University, Bible School, or Technical schools!  We are helping to create future pastors, teachers, and counselors as well as helping others to learn technical skills that will lead them to good jobs.

20170702_165746Cuidar Corazon

In 2016 we saw the beginning of a new ministry at Casa Hogar to care for disabled children, a great need in Chihuahua.  This program is the calling of Griselda Herrera Acosta, one of the graduates from the University that was able to attend because of the scholarship provided by ACC.  This new program is called Cuidar Corazon, which roughly translates as “Caring from the Heart”.  We currently have around 10 disabled children in this program.  Their disabilities include physical, learning, and emotional problems.  In 2017 ACC assisted Pastor Gardea to purchase additional property near Palabra de Vida that will be used to develop a new, accessible, facility for the children of Cuidar Corazon.  We are excited to see how God is using this new program to provide a hope and a future for these children.  Griselda is doing an amazing work and her love for these children is clearly evident.

Ways to Help

Financial Support

 Donate to Casa Hogar  (Please include notation “for Casa Hogar”)

Each month the families of ACC generously give to provide the basic needs for these children.  It is only through this giving that Pastor Gardea can continue this hard work of love in Chihuahua.  ACC giving accounts for upwards of 50% of the finances needed to operate these facilities.  Please prayerfully consider helping us by providing monthly or one time donations through ACC.  If you give please clearly indicate “Casa Hogar” on the subject line of your check or when giving online.  You can also set up automatic payments by contacting the church office.

Family Missions Trips

IMG_3577 (2)Each summer a team from ACC travels to Chihuahua to minister to the children of Casa Hogar.  These are family oriented trips and are fairly low key.  Typically we will do a VBS type activity, play games, take an outing to a local water park, provide meals, and attend services at Pastor Gardea’s Church.  This is a great time to get to know the children and have lots of fun.  It is a blessing to our families and well as to the children of Casa Hogar.

Clothing Collection

We provide an on-going clothing collection of good, clean, clothes.  Casa Hogar uses what they need and then sells the rest in the community.  This is a great support to the orphanage and is also a blessing to the community around the orphanage that is very poor.  You can participate by donating clothing and by volunteering to clean, fold, and pack donated clothing.  A collection bin is provided downstairs in the Memorial Lounge under the stairs.

Prayer Partners

We encourage the ACC family to lift up the children of Casa Hogar in prayer.  These children have come from difficult circumstances and face more on a daily basis.  Your prayers will bring blessings to these children.

Scholarship Partners

ACC nows has a scholarship fund for the children.  As the children grow up and graduate we believe it is important to help provide opportunities for them to obtain the skills needed to succeed in life, whether it be as a pastor, a teacher, or automotive technician.  With their commitment to higher education also comes a commitment to return to Casa Hogar and support it’s mission.  It is so important not to put these young men and women back onto the streets, but rather to encourage their commitment to God.  Giving is tax deductable through Arvada Covenant Church.

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