Honduras: First COVID-19, now hurricane ETA!

International Hope Builders has received this email from Giovanny Saybe. Gio is overseeing the ACC food distribution in Honduras.

I want to report you about the events that occurred after the passage of Hurricane ETA over Honduras.

After more than 8 months of confinement and restrictions due to COVID19, the Honduran economy was devastated. Eta began to intensify rapidly, reaching hurricane status in early November 2. Just nine hours later, Eta intensified into a major hurricane before reaching Category 4 strength just three hours later.

The northern part of our country was the most affected, with severe flooding over the departments of Cortes, Yoro and Atlantida. The cities of San Pedro Sula, Progreso, Lima, Tela, Ceiba and Puerto

Cortes, were under water in their lower and middle areas.

It is estimated that around 300,000 people were affected, losing their homes and all the possessions within them. There is still no official number of victims and disappeared, until now the search and rescue work continues, with the priority being to be able to feed the affected people.

In the western sector of Honduras, referring to Copan and Santa Barbara, the towns suffered floods and landslides in many of their villages and main streets, bridges were destroyed by the current of the rivers, many houses were destroyed by the landslides of the mountains.

In Copan, the municipality of Florida was the most affected, since many of its villages were cut off, and the passage cannot be enabled. San Nicolás suffered problems in the villages of El Modelo and Santa Teresa, whose streets were destroyed, which will affect the economy since this is the coffee cut season.

ETA caused too much damage to a Honduran economy that was already damaged, so hunger, new diseases and the re-emergence of COVID 19, may be the biggest catastrophes in history.

To this we must add that the government is wanting to control all the aid that comes from the USA, in such a way that the best way is to make the aid directly.

Many of the people who lost their homes are in temporary shelters, such as schools, schools and municipal centers, although most are in the streets and boulevards, under tents and waiting for help with clothing and food.

I leave a series of images of what is happening, they are very strong I recommend discretion.

I ask God and you for your consideration to support our country with food and supplies.

God bless Honduras

God bless America


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