Pastor Gardea y Deiby Visit ACC

Pastor Gardea and his wife Deiby were at Arvada Covenant on March 1st to bring a greeting to the congregation that has supported their efforts in Chihuahua for over 13 years.  Pastor Gardea joked that he believed God had someone at ACC that was being called to trade places with him in Chihuahua so he could enjoy Colorado for a while!  No one stepped up, so it’s back to Chihuahua for Jose.  🙂  They celebrated 20 years with Casa Hogar Palabra de Vida in 2019 and continue to grow, serving the children of Chihuahua.  They currently have 68 children at their 3 orphanages.

Jose is fighting prostate cancer and is expected to have surgery soon.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Jose y Dieby

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