You Want Me to Do…What?

– I want you to go to the Philippines.

– I want you to step into Philippines high school and college classrooms and give a clear Gospel presentation.

–  I want you to be part of E-camp, a unique opportunity made possible through Student Movement for Christ International.

 E-camp is a gathering of international volunteers who come to the Philippines to share the Gospel – that Jesus died to atone for man’s sin, He was buried, He rose again, and by faith and trust in Christ alone, man can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Cathy Sharing the Gospel in a Philippines Classroom

If this sounds scary, it is. It requires courage and obedience…even when done in a welcoming environment.  Mike Redick, SMCI’s President, constantly encourages E-campers by saying,

“God always meets you at the step of faith.”

I’m glad I took that “step of faith” in 2016, in 2017, and in 2018. It’s been a wonderful blessing.

This past July I shared the Gospel with 2,589 students in 56 classrooms.

E-camp’s uniqueness is that

  • The school administration wants us to talk to their students
  • The students are learning English and desire to hear native English speakers
  • The students are polite
  • The students listen intently
  • The students are open to the Gospel

I’ve not only met terrific people, more importantly, as I’ve obeyed God my faith has increased. It happened as I took small steps of faith.

Will you to take “a step of faith” and join the July 2019 E-camp in the Philippines?

Mike Redick with SMCI Staff and Volunteers from Wisconsin, Singapore, and the USA

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Photo Session After the Gospel Presentation


Photo taken after a College Classroom Presentation

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